Proactive Support

The Proactive approach is one that guarantees complete monitoring of a business’ hardware, software and network infrastructure. Proactive technical support as its name suggests, anticipates possible failures and problems that may appear in your corporate network, minimizing downtime and maximizing employee efficiency as much as possible. Crashed systems, networks and communications don’t only affect the day to day operations of the modern business, they can also be detrimental to a company’s reputation

Reactive technical support is already well known, and is commonly used in most companies. It basically means that when problems arise in the network or operational systems of a business, someone at the company is tasked with finding an expert who can fix the issues. Waiting until things are unusable to call for support is common; decision makers may even feel like they are saving money by only calling an expert during absolute emergencies. Unfortunately, the reactive approach often turns out to be way more expensive, intrusive and time consuming than the method we’ll discuss next.

The benefits of proactive support touch all areas of modern computing. For example, we can live-monitor your whole business network, including computers and servers, and alert you in the event that a piece of equipment becomes vulnerable to a new threat. Our remote management agent allows us to remotely and automatically patch your systems as required, ensuring that you are always on the latest versions of all your applications and protected against the latest attacks

Some of the many benefits of Proactive Support:

  • Near instant remote technical support.
  • Remote Monitoring and Maintenance allows great user productivity and minimizes downtime.
    • Alerting of potential hardware failure
    • Hard drive space issues
    • Failed services
    • Security events
  • Less time spent troubleshooting and diagnosis issues, reducing client costs
  • Automated Windows & 3rd party software updates

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