Managed Anti-Virus

The "managed" part of managed anti-virus means we install the software on your computers & other devices and schedule regular scans to check for issues. We also make sure your anti-virus protection is kept up-to-date so that it can monitor your system health. That means you and your employees can focus on your business goals, knowing that systems health is constantly being monitored.

Benefits of Managed Anti-Virus

  • Central Management: Entrusting your anti-virus management to a single source means that every device in your environment has the most current version.
  • Consistent security: Your employees cannot turn off or uninstall a managed anti-virus software.
  • Continuous monitoring: We would regularly scan your systems and apply the required patches and updates behind the scenes.
  • Rapid response: Viruses and malware are a constant threat, and we can act quickly to remove and secure your IT systems.
  • Regular updates: System-wide updates of virus definitions happen automatically and routinely.
  • Cost-effective pricing: Per-user pricing of our managed anti-virus solution is typically more economical then individual licenses.