IT Project Management

Our IT Project Managers provide the expertise, guidance and oversight that organizations need to ensure the success of your project. We have helped hundreds of companies across retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, financial services, insurance brokers, transportation, and many more of come to us to lead their IT Projects.

Our IT Project Managers assist companies in many ways including:

  • Planning & defining project scope.
  • Providing team leadership and mentorship.
  • Assigning and coordinating the right resources for when and where they are needed.
  • Working with vendors to ensure they deliver what is needed.
  • Establishing schedules and tracking project timelines.
  • Identifying opportunities to gain efficiencies and streamline process.
  • Managing risks and responding to project issues.
  • Managing the project budget and providing forecasts.
  • Coordinating projects/tasks and inter-dependencies.
  • Aligning deliverable with desired business outcomes.
  • Creating and managing documentations.
  • Ensuring and controlling quality of deliverable.
  • Monitoring and reporting progress to stakeholders.
  • Ensuring milestones and goals are achieved on-time and within budget.

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