IT Assessment

Assessing the information technology (IT) of your business reduces the costs associated with IT issues that impact your network, data security, and other factors. A comprehensive IT assessment identifies potential risk factors while helping you and your team develop an effective strategy for managing and scaling your business.

A professional IT Assessment will perform a comprehensive and objective assessment of your IT infrastructure. it will then recommend the technical, operational, security and compliance improvements you need to make in order to deliver against your defined business strategy.

An IT Assessment of your IT environment covers many aspects:

  • Identify: Hardware, system software, downtime and outages issues that may impact productivity.
  • Confirm: That systems are installed properly and configured for security and efficiency.
  • Evaluate: That existing security systems for dealing with viruses, spyware, firewalls and internet intrusions.
  • Investigate: The efficacy of backup procedures are managed & monitored.
  • Validate: Software licensing, warranties and compliance of all IT equipment.